2.Report on the UPOV spring 2017 session
3.Open Letter to ARIPO by African farmer and civil society networks
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1. Editorial

This issue of the Updates presents the APBREBES report on the UPOV spring 2017 session as well as the Open Letter to ARIPO by African farmer and civil society networks calling for a participatory process regarding the Arusha Protocol and its Draft Regulations.

Report on the UPOV spring 2017 session
Several UPOV bodies and working groups met between 3rd and 7th April 2017. The APBREBES report highlights the discussions regarding Interrelations with the IITPGRFA, the possible International System of Cooperation, the Explanatory Notes on Propagating Material under the UPOV Convention, and UPOV's discussion on Impact Assessment.
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Open Letter to ARIPO by African farmer and civil society networks
In an open letter dated 11 April 2017, the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA), the African Center on Biodiversity (ACB) and PELUM Association, representing civil society organizations and farmers of their networks, call on the Director General of the African Regional Intellectual Property Organisation (ARIPO) to urgently provide in writing, full information on the outcomes of the Administrative Council regarding the Draft Regulations to the Arusha Protocol. The signing organisations were made aware that the Administrative Council, which met in Harare, from 5th to 7th December 2016, did not adopt the Draft Regulations to the Arusha Protocol at the time in view of the concerns CSOs and farmers have raised and the need for wide consultations with stakeholders. They call on ARIPO to establish a credible process that includes and engages CSOs and farmer representatives in discussions on the Arusha Protocol and the Draft Regulations.
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Upcoming Events
UPOV Autumn 2017 Session: 23 to 26 October 2017
Monday, 23 October and Tuesday, 24 October (morning) Administrative and Legal Committee
Tuesday, 24 (afternoon) Working Group on a Possible International System of Cooperation (closed to observers)
Wednesday, 25 October Consultative Committee (closed to observers)
Thursday, 26 October Council

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