Updates on Plant Variety Protection

Issue # 8 – July 23, 2014


1. Editorial

This issue of the APBREBES Updates on Plant Variety Protection highlights
the APBREBES report on the UPOV 2014 Spring session and the availability of
UPOV's "Restricted Area" documents. It also focuses on gains made by African
civil society organisations in the draft SADC PVP protocol as well as their
appeal on the Draft ARIPO Protocol on PVP, the UPOV accession of the
Organisation Africaine de Propriété Intellectuelle (OAPI), a recent critique
of the 2005 UPOV Impact Report, as well as a Seed Map Portal that
facilitates learning about the origins of our food crops, the farmers who
continue to nurture them, the threats to our food supply, and achievable


 2. APBREBES report on the UPOV 2014 Spring Session

The UPOV Council, the Consultative Committee, and the Administrative and
Legal Committee met on 10 and 11 April, 2014. Among the key matters
discussed were: the Draft Protocol on Plant Breeders’ Right of the African
Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO), matters raised by the
International Seed Federation (ISF), UPOV's communication strategy, and
developments of relevance to UPOV in other international fora.




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3. APBREBES publishes UPOV “Restricted Area” documents

Today most intergovernmental organisations allow access to proceedings of
its meetings. For example, in WIPO, the full report of its various meetings,
including interventions and decisions of Member States are publicly
available on its website. However UPOV's practices


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4. AFSA Makes Small Gains for Farmers’ Rights in Draft SADC PVP Protocol

The Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA), a pan African platform
comprising civil society networks and farmer organisations working towards
food sovereignty in Africa, has released a briefing paper on the
deliberations that took place during the SADC Regional Workshop held on
13-14 March 2014, in Johannesburg, South Africa.


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5. Regional Intellectual Property Office for French-speaking African
countries -OAPI- joins UPOV '91

UPOV in its press release dated 10th June 2014, announced that the African
Intellectual Property Organization (known as the "Organisation Africaine de
Propriété Intellectuelle" or by its acronym "OAPI") has joined UPOV as an
intergovernmental organisation.

peaking-african-countries-oapi-joins-upov-91?pk_campaign=nl8> the APBREBES



6. Berne Declaration: UPOV report on the impact of plant variety protection
- A critique

In June 2014, Berne Declaration, a Swiss civil society organisation
published a critique of UPOV's assessment of the impact of adopting PVP laws
based on UPOV 1978 and 1991. UPOV's Report on the Impact of Plant Variety
Protection published in 2005 is often used by UPOV in support of introducing
plant variety protection based on UPOV 1991.


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7. AFSA appeals to ARIPO, AU and UNECA for Protection of Farmers' Rights and
Right to Food

The Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA) has launched an urgent
appeal to the African Regional Intellectual Property Organisation (ARIPO),
the African Union (AU) and to the United Nations Economic Commission for
Africa (UNECA) to urgently revise the draft ARIPO Plant Variety Protection
Protocol, recognise farmers’ rights and facilitate the right to food. In its
latest appeal to ARIPO, the AU and UNECA, and acting upon expert legal
advice obtained, AFSA is alleging that:


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8. ETC Group/USC Canada Seed Map Portal

Seedmap.org is an online portal on seeds, biodiversity and food. It allows
users to connect to information, organizations resources, events and debates
relating to food security. It is also a valuable teaching & advocacy tool
and reference point on seeds, biodiversity, and food. The heart of
Seedmap.org is an interactive map that allows users to visit hundreds of
case studies around the world where agricultural biodiversity originated, is
threatened, and where people are working to safeguard it.

See Seed
n=NL8> Map



Calendar of Events

Autumn session of UPOV bodies, 13 to 17 October 2014

<http://www.upov.int/meetings/en/topic.jsp?group_id=252> Administrative and
Legal Committee: Monday, 13 October 2014

<http://www.upov.int/meetings/en/topic.jsp?group_id=252> Administrative and
Legal Committee Advisory Group: Tuesday, 14 and Friday 17 October 2014
(closed to observers)

Consultative Committee: Wednesday, 15 October 2014 (closed to observers)

<http://www.upov.int/meetings/en/topic.jsp?group_id=251> Council: Thursday,
16 October 2014

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