How organic breeding adds value to the food chain - evento on line

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15/10/2020 10:30 - 16:00


ONLINE EVENT - 15th October 2020  - How organic breeding adds value to the food chain

This online event organized by FiBL and BÖLW calls the attention of European processors, wholesalers and retailers on the importance of organic breeding for the future growth of the organic sector.



PART1 (Seminar) 10:30-12:30  The taste of diversity: organic breeding for biodiversity increase and high-quality organic food

During the seminar, representatives of the breeding and food industry sector will present the benefits and challenges of organic breeding (with insights from plant and livestock programs), and provide insights on success stories of value-chain partnerships to promote organic breeding. The current situation of breeding financing schemes will be discussed and opportunities for value-chain based partnerships demonstrated. Following the seminar, the workshop will be dedicated to a practical activity on how to best promote the benefits of organic breeding.

PART 2 (Workshop) 14:00-16:00  Value-chain collaborations to boost organic breeding: how to make it work

The workshop will be subdivided into two parallel sessions. The first session is dedicated to identifying and discussing benefits and barriers for value-chain actors to engage in cross-sector cooperation. In the second session, participants will work on consumer targeted communication arguments and how to use them in organic food marketing strategies.


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